Customised leagues

Choose which league you would like to play and we can make it happen.

League Patches

Austria,Bulgaria,China,Chile,Czech Republic,Romania,Slovenia,Ukraine, and many more...


Retro League Patches


Mixed League Patches 

African Super League,Balkan League,British Patch,United Ireland Patch,World SUper League and more... 

 Iceland League Patch
Iceland League Patch
Newest patch from our workshop!

Iceland League Patch.For the first time playable on CM 01/02.

Try it out and tell us what you think.

Bulgarian League patch
Bulgarian League patch

Long time no see in CM. Brand new Bulgarian leagues!!!

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About Us 

We create custom league patches for Championship Manager 01/02.
You can choose between various leagues that are unplayable in original version of the game.Further,we create all kind of Super leagues or combined leagues.

In past,we created many different league patches.Some of them are:

Montenegro,Ukraine,Austria,Egypt,USSR,Balkan league... 

What can we offer? 

Why Championship Manager 01/02?

First released in October 2001 by bods at Sports Interactive, Championship Manager 01/02 was, even at the time, never a looker. Graphically looking like a football flavoured version of Mircosoft Excel, CM 01/02 was a game that was brains over beauty, deftly crafting one of the most deep and entertaining football experiences gamers had ever seen.

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In this section you can download customized backgrounds for your Championship Manager 01/02. Also you can learn how to add your own backgrounds and improve even more your managerial experience!