About Us 

Who are we and what are we doing?

Team of ''patchers'' who play CM 01/02 since game is released in November 2001.We created our first League patch (Serbia and Montenegro) in 2008.Total number of patches until 2016. is over 100.

­We create custom patches for CM 01/02.Patch can be League patch (Austria,Bosnia,Bulgaria,Chile,China,Egypt...), retro League patch (Yugoslavia,USSR), merged League patch (African league,Balkan league,BeNeLux League,Great Britain league,Scandinavian League,United Ireland league...) or super Legaue patch (European Super League,World Super League...)

How do we do it? 

Patching is the process of changing the program executable which user actually runs.Games receive patches to fix compatibility problems after their initial release just like any other software, but they can also be applied to change game rules or algorithms.

­By patching a custom league it is possible to change various of rules inside the game.For example,we can change number of foreign players allowed in match squad, or changing money prize for winning certian competition.

For the patching procces we use many different tools.One of them is Official data editor, then Hexadecimal editor (XVI32), Debbugers (Olly Dbg),and many other tools developed throughout the years.

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