Championship Manager 01/02  on android tablets and phones 

This picture showing CM 01/02 running on Huawei G630

Here's a step by step guide:

1) Install ExaGear Strategies from the Google Play store. 

2) Open the ExaGear app so that it initializes and creates a folder in your root directory. 

3) Connect your phone to your PC via a data cable. 

4) Copy across your Championship M

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 Championship Manager 01/02 best players (original version)

Football Manager 2016, the latest version of the legendary football management game that began life as Championship Manager back in 1992,

For the ‘Champ Man’ generation the new releases probably won’t mean much. In bygone days you could get away with saying stuff like ‘I’ll just play out the remainder of the season’ when it’s already 3am.Not anymore. We’ve got relationships, we’ve got kids to look after, and we’ve got jobs to keep. 

Nowadays Football Manager takes up roughly the same amount of time as managing an actual real life football club, perhaps more. We just don’t have the time, and consequently, most of us have retired from the game.

 Remember when you could finish an entire season in one evening? The likes of Alfonso Perez and Ibrahim Bakayoko killing it in CM97/98, or Cherno Samba winning titles almost single-handedly in CM01/02? 

OK, well it was a long time ago, to be fair.To help jog your memory, I’ve put together a legends XI from that wonderful 01/02 version.For purely research purposes, of course, I picked Man Utd as my team for ease of signing players.

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Championship Manager 01/02 WIB/WOB Tips

Here you can find very interesting tips on with and without ball tweaking


Many people are scared of changing the position of goalies, including me. This is because of all those “player X was out of position” commentary and such like. The best, and only, good idea I have heard and applied is from Martin O’Neill. He suggested moving the goalkeepers position back one unit on the final quarter of all with ball screens. A unit being the smallest possible registered movement on the screen. This is basically to prevent him from straying too far outfield, and I think it works because my goalie is very rarely “totally stranded” or “out of position”. Another theory is to put the goalkeeper on hard tackling. This can increase his aggression and make him rush to stop opponent attackers. Most of the time this happens, but occasionally it can get him sent off for a rash challenge. It’s up to you, but I would say it is a little bit risky. I think, and so do many, that goalkeepers should be on short passing to help build attacks through your more skillful outfield players, however if your goalie happens to have 20 in passing and creativity there is nothing to stop you getting him to hit it long or direct to your forwards. Finally, it is generally accepted that no marking is the thing to use, it is there by default and too risky to experiment with. 

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