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Championship Manager 01/02  on android tablets and phones 

This picture showing CM 01/02 running on Huawei G630

Here's a step by step guide:

1) Install ExaGear Strategies from the Google Play store. 

2) Open the ExaGear app so that it initializes and creates a folder in your root directory. 

3) Connect your phone to your PC via a data cable. 

4) Copy across your Championship M

anager 01-02 folder from your Program Files to the ExaGear folder on your phone (I'd advise not copying over your save games as it will take up a lot of space) 

5) Launch ExaGear and select CM0102.exe 

6) Enjoy. 

NOTE: unless your .exe is cracked (so you don't require the disk to play) you will have to put the CM0102.iso in the ExaGear folder too. 

 The ExaGear app acts exactly as a PC emulator. That means you can have all your searches, tactics, trainings and even background pictures on your CM0102 phone version! It even means you can add the tapani patch and anything else you wish, just like you can do on your PC.